Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist in Dania Beach, Florida

Anna Carina Nylander, Dog Trainer, Dog Behaviorist and Animal Rescuer

I have loved and rescued animals my whole life. I always had lots of animals in my home country of Sweden and would bring home injured animals starting at age 7. My love for and interest in animals lead me volunteer at the local animal hospital every day after school for most of my High School years. I made a little money as the local dog walker at 10 years of age. While living in Cuba with my father, we rescued both cats and dogs from the streets.

I followed my passion for animals by accepting a position as an adoption counselor at the Humane Society of Broward County. I spent 4 years helping adopters find the right pet.

It was at HSBC I first realized the need for training. Many dogs were surrendered for reasons that I realized could have been avoided if the owners had tried to train the dog. We would love to hear from you - Call us today 954 907 2250

Dania Beach, Fl 33004