Home away from home. Boarding can be stressfull for both a dog and owner. Noisy kennels and crates unfamiliar to many beloved dogs. Our home boarding offers sleeping in bed, cuddling on couch, home cooked meals, massages & Reiki and lots of love. Playtime with two very sweet dogs. Call for questiuons and availability. 

 5 months Socialization, obedience training and assistance with all things puppy. Potty training, bite inhibition, chewing and much more. Puppy owners are given a potty schedule to help with potty training. Enjoy the crazy puppy time! They dont stay puppies forever. Report cards and homework provided. 


 Great for busy working people. Give us a key (special referrals from other owners who have used this option) and we will take your dog for training. Its like a dog walker, but with training added. Owner will then learn how to work with their dog. We will text you photos and leave a report card and homework for you

 Same as Day training, with the addition of day care. We will bring the dog to a great doggy daycare and work with them before or after. This is great for puppies and dogs who also need socialization. The day cares we use have cameras so you can watch your dog play. Pictured here is Bentley. Day Care training after Day training. Mentioned in testimonials.

We come to you and work with you and your dog at home. The owner participates in every step of the training. This training can include Puppy K, Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Adult potty issues, Destructive Behavior, Fears and Anxieties, Better Companion Training and more. Pictured Sugar and Sweetie. Started with day training, then day care training and Owner was involved every step of the way. Mentioned in testimonials.

Most people have their own idea of what constitutes a good and well-behaved dog. Jumping, pulling, barking, door dashing, food stealing, digging are some common complaints. Sometimes a multitude of issues will affect the owners quality of life or even pose a danger to a dog. A door dasher can get hit by a car, a food stealer can get a hold of something toxic, like chocolate. Some people only have one issue. We have a solution to each issue. This German Shepherd had a few issues: Nipping, pulling, jumping, barking, nipping the staff in their condo lobby, They had received complaints from Condo Association, to train her or she would have to go. In addition to training I recommended Day Care.

 Program for dogs who react negatively to people and dogs on a leash or at home. The behavior will be diagnosed in detail then explained to the owner. A program is designed and training starts. Behaviors are explained and homework provided. Deaf Boxer, rescued. OK of leash, but the neighborhood terror on leash on her own street.

This is a program for some of the most problematic behaviors. Issues that require Behavior Modification include: Aggression, Food Aggression, Leash Reactive, Separation Anxiety, Thunder and Lightning fear, Fears and Phobias, submissive urination and more. The dog needs to be properly diagnosed in order to get the right kind of training. Many owners attempt to correct these issues themselves by ordering shock collars, prong collars, yelling and even hitting the dog. Some of these methods can escalate the behavior rather than correct it. Sugar had been trained with e collar in Vegas. She would bite worker type men and new visitors. Switched her to reward based training and clicker training. Desensitized her to especially men.

 We can help you with preparing for a Canine Good Citizen Certification or help you prepare your dog for Pet Therapy. We can assist you with finding a Service Dog. Some assist people with disabilities while others are Emotional Support Dogs. Many Emotional Support Dogs help veterans with PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Other Service Dog can detect a blood sugar drop for diabetic people or a seizure coming on for a person with Epilepsy. Scientists are still discovering amazing talents in dogs. I have worked training service dogs.

 A special program for rescued dogs. Many rescued dogs come with issues. Most have not had a good life and some have been physically abused. We work pro-bono with several rescues, offering training to make rescue dogs more adoptable. We also help people who have rescued dogs and need help with their dog.

We offer interesting information and education to anyone interested. Calming Signals, how to correctly approach a fear aggressive dog, how to manage a large group such as in doggy day care and how to manage a large doggy household.

 Preparing for baby and dog.

 Children as young as 2 have learned to work with their dog. Even before they can speak they can learn the hand signals we teach. Children can also learn how to play safely and how to be gentle with their dog. It�s a joy to work with kids because they learn so quickly and are so proud when the dog responds.